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Custom Boat Wraps are the ultimate way to get a spectacular transformation in a matter of days.

Showcase your boat’s personality with a custom vinyl wrap. AdWrap will install boat names, graphics, or advertising on it using UV-resistant vinyl. We can help you achieve beautiful results, whether you want to make a brand statement or simply impress your friends.

Your creativity and inspiration are where the limit is. Go as bananas as you want when you plan the concept of your future boat exterior. 

And here is what we offer:

impressive print quality

AdWrap uses ECO-solvent vivid color inks and the most hi-tech Mimaki Printers. Both are the golden standard products of the industry.

team of professionals

The five-star vinyl wrap will do nothing if your installer doesn’t know what they’re doing. At AdWrap, you will find trained and certified professional installers.

thorough cleaning

We want to make sure your vinyl wrap will adhere completely and  stay put for years to come. That is why we put a huge accent on preparation and cleaning before we install the vinyl

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services
boat wrap

Our Clients hire us for Boat Wraps
projects like:

  • Boat signage (boat name stickers, logo decals);
  • Revitalizing of the old paint finishes;
  • Improve the value of a boat for resale purposes;
  • Sponsored logos;

How long will a boat wrap last?

To better answer this question, we have to say that multiple factors contribute to the lifespan of a boat wrap.

The quality of the material used

We only use UV-filter wraps for boats since they are almost always out and about on sunny days, and UV rays are harmful to the color of the film. In fact, use Avery Supreme Wrap and 3M wraps with complete UV protection.

Our customers pick the colors and the finishes of the films, and some of them are not suitable for permanent UV exposure even if they’re the best on the market. We make sure to let you know beforehand that certain designs are not the ones to go for if you’re looking for durability and longevity of the wrap job.

Surface preparation 

Boat paint gets flaky with time passing, and we do not apply vinyl on uneven surfaces. Therefore, we make sure there are no flakes, the exterior is spotlessly clean, the cracks are filled, and the area is primed before we apply the film on it.

Maintenance and storage 

If your boat is tied in the water and the wrap film is wet and permanently exposed to the sun, that will shorten its resistance and dim its color. That environment is pretty harsh for any surface and material. Store your boat in a dry place and cover it as much as possible when you’re not using it.

Boat Wrap Designs

AdWrap professionals know how important your image is to you!

We spend a lot of time on designing and listening to your ideas when it comes to your personal or commercial wrapping projects. We take our time to perfect the design, so it suits your brand and your personality.

So, let us know what you have in mind, and we will transfer that into reality. We will design your ideal boat for you.

AdWrap offers on-site installation!

We install custom vinyl on boats and vehicles in multiple locations in the North Chicago area:

  • Northbrook, IL
  • Wheeling, IL
  • Deerfield, IL
  • Highland Park, IL
  • Glencoe, IL
  • Winnetka, IL
  • Northfield, IL
  • Glenview, IL
  • Mt. Prospect, IL
  • Des Plaines, IL
  • Prospect Heights, IL
  • Rolling Meadows, IL
  • Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Riverwoods, IL
  • Lincolnshire, IL
  • Chicago, IL

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