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Commercial Wraps will bring more visibility for your business and exponentially more new clients.

Business owners, if you’re still driving around in a car that does not have your logo, phone number, and the services you provide on it, you’re leaving some serious money on the table.

Your fleet vehicles are a great source of free and continuous brand exposure that you don’t want to miss on.

To achieve your marketing business goals, we offer four different commercial vehicle wrap solutions:

Full Commercial Wraps
Half Commercial Wraps
Partial Commercial Wraps
Logos & Decals

Commercial Wrapping Transylvania Meat Co
Partial Commercial Wrap

Wrapping your commercial vehicles is a smart business move for a few
very compelling reasons:


  • Fleet wraps offer your brand continuous visibility. Vehicle wrapping transforms your fleet into a mobile billboard that is going to roam the streets of Chicago and work for you even when you’re parked.


  • Commercial Wraps are versatile. Of course, the design possibilities are endless. Therefore, your brand elements will look exactly like you want them to, no compromises. We will print your message in full vivid colors that stand out and be in agreement with the rest of your design.


  • Your ultimate goal should be your potential customers attention. Commercial wraps are high-resolution artworks used as tools to express your brand’s individuality and emphasize a message.


  • Vinyl Wraps are low-commitment. After a while, if you feel like you need to change your message, your design, the color, or change your contact information, car wraps are the way to go! Vinyl films are removable and can be changed easily.

High ROI

  • A smart business move has a high return of investments, always. Full Commercial Wraps can come up to a few thousand dollars, and compared to the TV ads, Radio ads, Magazines, or billboards are both cheaper and brings you way more daily impressions.

Trust and Credibility

  • A branded vehicle will build trust and brand credibility. Customers will always trust a brand with a professional visual identity. This is why, you should start by improving the way your fleet looks.

Here are some reasons to use AdWrap Fleet Vehicle wraps:

  • Accredited installers
  • Outstanding, top-quality printing
  • Spotless Cleaning before Wrapping
  • Exceptional installation (no bumps or bubbles)
  • Creative designs
  • Warranties for our work
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