Our focus is providing high-quality, custom Commercial and Personal Vehicle Wraps for our community in the city of Chicago and the North Chicago Suburban area. We offer Full, Half, Partial Car Wraps, and Spot Graphics for your business. 

Find out more about Vehicle Wraps and other services AdWrap offers below.

Cover your car from top to bottom with high-quality vinyl! A full car wrap will make your vehicle look stunning while also protecting it from potential weather damage. Full wraps will last around nine years, and the color will remain elegant and vibrant the whole time. Full Vehicle Wrap cost starts from $2400 and up. Depending on the size of your vehicle, the complexity of work, and the type of vinyl you choose, it takes around 2-3 days to complete the installation.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Half Vehicle Wrap


If your marketing budget is a little tight, go with the half car wrap option! You can advertise your company and create an impact while saving money at the same time.

Half Vehicle Wrap cost starts at $1800 and will take around two days to complete, depending on your specific needs. As you can see, a half car wrap price is considerably lower and will get you the same amount of impressions daily. 


Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Partial Vehicle Wrap


Make your company stand out locally and reach higher visibility among your potential clients with a Partial Vehicle Wrap. Give your brand a professional look, draw new customers to your business, gain credibility and popularity locally with a five-star partial car wrap from our specialists. 

Partial Vehicle Wrap cost can come up to $2000 and will take from 1 to 2 days to complete.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Logos & Decals


Logos & Decals or the so-called spot graphics are smaller visuals that do not exceed 50 sq feet. The client can choose where these graphics go on the vehicle based on their advertising goals. We offer both vehicle and window decals and use solid vinyl or perforated vinyl for these projects.  Decals cost vary from $250 and up. We can usually install them within a day.  We offer up to nine years of WARRANTY for our services.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Check Out Our Other Services

We strive to significantly improve your business’ image and help you achieve your marketing goals by offering Commercial and Personal Vehicle Wraps services, and many more.

Boat Wraps


We offer Custom Boat Wraps and Boat Lettering in Chicago and its suburbs. We can cover in vinyl your entire boat or a specific part of it to add an elegant accent.

If you’re looking for Custom Boat Name Decals, our AdWrap professionals can take care of that as well.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Storefronts & Window decals


We will make your storefront stand out and bring in new foot traffic and customers!

Have your store hours, services, and other visuals on your doors and windows to draw the attention of your potential customers.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Wall Decal Printing from AdWrap will turn your boring walls into a work of art.

We will print and install your business logo, name, and slogan on any surfaces (even or uneven), using the best quality, USA-made vinyl.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Order your regulation numbers, your truck numbering, logo, and truck graphics from AdWrap, and you will get them ready in no time.

We have extensive experience in working with local Chicago Trucking Companies, and we understand your needs perfectly.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

AdWrap Graphics offers fast and painless Wrap Removal Services with no damage to your car’s exterior. We use heat to remove the vinyl and leave no residue behind.

We promise there will be no scratches or chips left behind after we are done with your wrap removal project.

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Services

Floor Stickers


We offer floor stickers for your business that will stay on, “survive” the constant influx of customers, and the color will stay bright for a long time.

Get your coronavirus social distancing floor signs from AdWrap today.

Car Stickers


We print any quantity and design car stickers on premium-quality vinyl that will survive in any weather conditions.

Get your cool stickers, cute stickers, baby-on-board stickers, bumper stickers, any country flag stickers, coronavirus stickers, and many other themed decals for your ride.

Decal Transfer Stickers


We print Custom Transfer Stickers in full vivid colors. You can install our Transfer Stickers on any surface like car, wall, window, appliances.

They will stick on even or uneven surfaces and are easy to remove anytime you want. We design and print our stickers in-house so they will be ready in no time for you. 

Die-Cut Stickers


AdWrap offers durable die-cut stickers for outdoor and indoor use. Their unique shape and durable material will help your brand leave a lasting impression.

Use them as giveaway materials, product labels, or bumper stickers for your vehicle. 


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