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Welcome to AdWrap, your local Vehicle Wrapping and Graphics Shop based in Northbrook, IL. We specialize in custom wraps both commercial and personal, signage production and installation, and vinyl decals of any size, complexity, and design.

We love everything about conceptualizing, designing, printing, and installing vinyl wraps on vehicles, boats, storefronts, windows, doors, floors, walls, and frankly, anywhere we can. 

Our AdWrap specialists are always excited to work with various car models, trucks, and vans to make them reflect your personality, your brand, and your unique style.

AdWrap team has been in the industry since 2016. After a couple years, in 2018, we opened a shop. Now, we are continuously learning and growing. Opening our own shop is, and has been an experience that had its bumps and adventures. This only made us more passionate and committed to evolving. We are growing more enthusiastic about custom wraps and graphics every day, and can’t wait to work on more bald and challenging projects.  

Wrapping a car to us is like that evening before Christmas. That’s when you wrap the gifts and write the names in anticipation of that morning enthusiasm. Similarly, we enjoy seeing our customer’s radiant faces when they look at the results of our work. 

When we realized how inspiring it is to go from a sketch or a concept to a fully wrapped car, we could not help ourselves but transform this into our daily lifestyle. 

We eat, breathe, and sleep vehicle wraps. Our primary focus is commercial vehicle wraps, but we take personal car wrap projects with the same seriousness and the same passion and dedication. 


Our services range from full custom wraps, partial vehicle wraps, half vehicle wraps, boat wraps, logos and decals, commercial wrapping, truck wraps, fleet wraps, chrome delete, motorcycle wraps, and headlights and taillights tinting. 


At AdWrap, we only use USA-made vinyl and inks. Therefore, our materials are always the newest and the best quality available on the market. We mainly work with the most reputable Vinyl Wrap Companies :

First of all, our ECO-solvent inks turn into the most vibrant colors on vinyl, and we always achieve the exact tone you need for all your branding and visuals. Secondly, we care about the impact we make on our environment, and these inks are eco-friendly. Thirdly, our signs and stickers do not have that pungent chemical smell to them that you may have encountered before. 

Company Mission

We will work with you tirelessly to provide flawless service, perfect vehicle wraps that will turn heads around and bring your business the visibility and success it deserves.

Our Vibe

We are professional, serious, meticulous and completely in love with everything that involves vinyl wrapping. Our secret ingredient is an utter passion for our jobs and a healthy dose of fun. 

Our Values

Showing support to our local businesses and making a positive impact on our community is one of our priorities.

That is why, for any local start-up business  that needs professional car wrapping services, we offer a 10% discount for the first 5 vehicles

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