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What is Vinyl Wrapping?

Vinyl Wraps or Color Change Wraps are full color or printed sheets of vinyl applied to a vehicle to send a promotional message or simply to impress your friends, the passers-by, or other drivers in traffic. 

Therefore, if you decide to wrap your car, you should know that there is an immense pool of possibilities you can “dip your toes in.” The multitude of colors available, the finishes, and the percentage of coverage you desire are just a few of the prospects offered by AdWrap. 

Graphic design gives us a limitless amount of room to maneuver as well. Therefore, you can choose a bold color palette, a mean-looking design, or simply add a couple of stripes on your car to achieve that unmistakable sports car look. 

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Personal Car Wrap Color Change

What Types of Vinyl do
We have?

You will find in our catalogues over 300+ different color vinyl and more finishes than you can imagine. A sample of each color will be available for you, and we’re more than happy to welcome you in our Northbrook, IL shop.

Personal car wrap cost varies depending on the brand, color, and finish of the vinyl that you choose for your project. So, if you want to have a better understanding of how much this adventure will end up costing, call us or stop by our shop.

Here are a few of our most popular vinyl choices available:

Brushed Wraps

Brushed aluminum Vinyl wrap

Brushed aluminum wraps are unusual and can give your vehicle a solid look. This type of film goes on personal car wraps, trucks, bikes, quads, appliances, doors and walls, or any other surface.

Gloss vinyl Wraps

Gloss Black Vinyl Film

There is a wide range of colors available on the market for the gloss wrap vinyl films. A gloss finish wrap can go on cars, trucks, bikes, boats, quads, windows, and walls.

Camouflage vinyl

Black Camo Vinyl Wrap

Professional quality camouflage vinyl wraps available in multiple colors and perfect for your vehicle, bike, quad, boat, or truck. Combine it with a bold graphic or plain, matching color vinyl for the baddest-looking result.

carbon fiber vinyl

Carbon fiber finish vinyl wrap

Carbon fiber vinyl is available in many colors and comes in a textured matte or glossy finish. We personally love working with carbon fiber wrap and recommend it to our customers for their personal car wraps projects both interior and exterior wraps.

Wood Grain Vinyl

Woodgrain vinyl wrap

Wood Grain wrap vinyl comes in glossy and satin finishes and it is perfect for furniture, cabinets, walls, car interiors, car side stripes, boats, and so on.

marble Vinyl

Marble White Vinyl Film

Unmistakable marble vinyl gives any surface a classy and expensive look. This glossy finish vinyl is perfect for your furniture, frames, doors, vehicles (interior or exterior), etc.

Gloss Sparkle Vinyl

Gloss Sparkle vinyl film

Gloss Metallic Sparkle Vinyl comes in various colors and is perfect for a full car wrap, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, quads, walls, and any other surfaces you may want to wrap in vinyl.

Diamond Sanding Vinyl

diamond sanding vinyl

This vinyl has a sanding paper-like finish and comes in several colors. It looks like there are millions of small diamonds shining on your car. We can wrap any vehicle, bike, boat, or quad in this eccentric vinyl.

Matte Vinyl

Matte Gray Vinyl

There are hundreds of matte vinyl wrap colors of premium quality. Blue matte vinyl seems to be a popular choice in Chicagoland area. This wrap is widely used in car wrapping, boat wraps, bike wraps, and on walls, doors, or windows.

Matte Metallic Vinyl

Matte Metallic Gold Vinyl Sample

One of the most popular choices for personal car wraps in the Chicagolad area. Gold Wrap Car vinyl or Silver Wrap Car vinyl both look classy and expensive. Matte metallic colors come in a wide selection and are perfect for any vehicle, boat, quad, bike, and so on. 

Gloss Liquid Vinyl

Liquid metal vinyl wrap

Attain a deep gloss color impossible to get with a regular painting job. The liquid metal film comes in many colors and will make your car shine bright on any road.

Color Shift Vinyl

Color Shift Vinyl Wrap

Crazy awesome colors that will make your vehicle stand out tall and shiny. Sunshine will make these colors emerge with a powerful glow and a unconventional specter. Pick it for your car, boat, or bike.

Standard Chrome Vinyl

Standard Chrome Vinyl Wrap

High-quality chrome that does not fade in the sunshine. Your car will shine (literally) on the road, and it will be frankly impossible to ignore its presence anywhere you go. 

Snakeskin Vinyl

Snake Skin vinyl wrap

Snakeskin vinyl that looks extravagant and realistic like you can almost feel the scales. For example, you can choose it for your car interior, cabinets, doors, kitchen furniture, and so on. 

Pearl vinyl

Pearl Vinyl 3m sample

Pearlescent vinyl films are perfect for car wraps, bikes, quads, boats, furniture, and many other surfaces. You can also just add a pearl finish on top of a matte color vinyl wrap.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark vinyl wrap sample

 Glow in the dark vinyl is perfect for marking indoor and outdoor emergency exits. We can also use it to wrap vehicles, boats, or have photoluminescent accents on any surface you want.

So, imagine driving in an all matte dark gray, carbon fiber or chrome wrapped car on the streets of North Chicago catching the eyes of pretty much everyone and making others feel jealous they’re not behind your car’s wheel. 

Together we can make dreams like that possible, and we’re not happy with anything else but perfect results, no bumps, bubbles, or scratches.

Professional design services - Top-tier, Premium Vinyl - Expert Vinyl Installation - affordable Personal Car Wrap cost

curious about a personal car wrap cost?

A full personal car wrap cost varies, of course, on the size of your vehicle, the type of vinyl, and the design you chose. Just so you can put a figure on how much this adventure is going to cost you, here is a vehicle wrap pricing guide:

  • A small size vehicle full wrap will start at $1800
  • A medium-sized vehicle full wrap cost is going to be around $2400
  • A large size vehicle full wrap (large sedan) starts at $2700
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