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AdWrap offers fast, safe, and painless vinyl wrap removal services in the North Chicago area, IL. So, if you’re worried that removing the vinyl from your vehicle will damage your paint, we’re here to make sure you get high-quality wrap removal services, with no scratches or paint chips on your car.

Allstate wrap removal
Allstate wrap removal

How do we remove vinyl wrap from a car?

To properly remove the film from a car, all you need is a heat gun, some patience, effort, and experience. As a rule, we don’t encounter a lot of difficulties when we get rid of the unwanted vinyl. Sometimes, wrap removal is not as easy as it would seem. 

That happens when we deal with:

Damaged surface before wrapping

When the vinyl is installed on old paint, a dented surface, or on scratched paint, it is almost impossible to remove it without causing further damage. Make sure that before you find a wrapping shop in the North Chicago area, you take care of the surface by repainting it. 

wrong or poor quality vinyl

if your installer used cheap vinyl, most probably there will be adhesive left behind after removal. Also, some shops use film not produced for vehicle wraps, with a strong adhesive that may leave a residue or harm the paint.

Old baked in vinyl

if your vinyl wrap stays on for too long, you will notice some changes in color or little cracks in it. Extreme sun exposure will bake the vinyl into the surface and make it hard to remove. These changes are a clear sign that it’s time to get rid of the old film wrap, and not doing it on time will further damage your car’s exterior.


AdWrap Graphics professionals will install premium vinyl on your car and make sure the exterior of your vehicle is in perfect shape to be wrapped. We will always choose quality over anything, and we’ll be honest to you and point out what needs to fixed. Moreover, if we can fix some issues, we will do it for you before we wrap your vehicle

We want to make sure that when you want to replace your wrap or remove it completely, your paint will remain intact, will not chip, and there will not be any adhesive residue on it.

What warranties do we offer?

AdWrap does not offer warranties on vehicles with aftermarket paint or paint over five years old. You are more than welcome to bring in your vehicle for wrap removal, even if it was not wrapped in our shop. We will gladly look at it and do our best to deliver spotless results. Our installers are very meticulous and will take care of your vehicle like it’s their own. Bring your car to our shop in Northbrook, IL, and we will take every precaution to remove the old vinyl safely and fast.

If you need us to remove the film that we installed in the first place, we assure you that your car will look like it did before wrapping.

AdWrap offers professional vinyl wrap removal at affordable prices!

We will remove and install vinyl decals on any surfaces in the following locations of the North Shore Chicago area:

  • Northbrook, IL
  • Wheeling, IL
  • Deerfield, IL
  • Highland Park, IL
  • Glencoe, IL
  • Winnetka, IL
  • Northfield, IL
  • Glenview, IL
  • Mt. Prospect, IL
  • Des Plaines, IL
  • Prospect Heights, IL
  • Rolling Meadows, IL
  • Buffalo Grove, IL
  • Riverwoods, IL
  • Lincolnshire, IL
  • Chicago, IL

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